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New CEO of TimeTerminal Sweden AB 03 / 05 / 2018

Johan Hägerlöf has been appointed new CEO of TimeTerminal Sweden AB. He succeeds Mikael Boman, who for some time acted as a temporary CEO. In his role as CEO, Johan will have total responsibility for TimeTerminal Sweden AB in both Sweden and abroad.

Johan has spent most of his professional life in electronics and information technology. He has been involved and started developing three companies from scratch, including: Flow Cape. Next to, Johan comes from a role as product manager for Flowscape, where he had roles as development project manager, customer project manager and installation manager over the years.

-It is with great pleasure that I now start as CEO at TimeTerminal. TimeTerminal is a company with great opportunities and ambitions. Working with Timeterminal's time terminals and real estate systems feels very inspiring.

We welcome Johan warmly to TimeTerminal Sweden AB and look forward to working together.

New owner of TimeTerminal Sweden AB with DisplayOnline 01 / 09 / 2017 business area

After 17 as CEO and owner of TimeTerminal Sweden AB, Hans Hindersson has sold the company to BRA Maskiner AB with the BRA Security business area. Since 4, the companies cooperate with alkotester in connection with attendance reporting. Hans Hindersson is part of the Board of TimeTerminal together with the main owners of BRA Theresa Boman and Mikael Boman. The operations will be continued with former employees from the Sollentuna office. Together, the companies sell about 60 million.

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What people say

An employee of an employer organization told in conversation with a construction worker:

"I have a backpack that I walk around with all day. It contains the times I have to work extra for those who are late, taking too long a break and go too early. "

A highly trained officer said to a seminar we participated in:

"-On My previous job, we had no time reporting. The managers felt that it was unnecessary. But among us employees, there was a lot of suspicion about what times you jobbad. We got to watch each other and had discussions on various comrades attendance times, which should affect lönenJag have changed jobs and now report my time in a TimeSpot® 37, which also shows an attendance schedule. Here, there is no talk of times. No fuss in the road. Phew! " '

The CFO of a major service companies:

"I and other department heads wanted back the time terminals, which was removed a few years ago. Divergences that became option, contains too much poetry. For Will we have new staff on the payroll office because of investigations into failed or missed appointments and discrepancies. "