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"Equal and Fair" With TimeSpot Time Terminals
Before Apple year 2000 with touchscreen

TimeSpot 37
Web interface in Linux environment

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TimeSpot 40

TimeSpot 40 Stainless IP65

TimeSpot 15

TimeSpot 5

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What people are saying ...

An employee of a staffing organization told us:

"I have a backpack that i walk around with all day. It includes the hours I have to work extra for Those Who arrive late, take too long breaks and leaves too early. "

A highly educated officer said to a seminar audience we participated in:

"At my previous job we had time reporting. The managers felt That it was Unnecessary. But Among Us employees there was a lot of suspicion about the exact hours one worked. We observed eachother and had discussions on various colleagues' attendance times, Which Should effect the salary. I have switched jobs and now I report my time in a TimeSpot®37, Which Also shows an attendance tableau. Here, THERE ARE NO discussions of eachothers times. No fuss to deal with. Phew! "'

The CFO of a major service organization:

"I and other department managers wanted the Time terminals back into service, whichwere removed a few years ago. Trust or paper reporting as an alternative option, contained too much poetry. To add to it, we have new employees on the payroll department Because of Investigations of missed or forgotten times and deviations. "