Information board.
Holder with user-instructions That is friendlyness above the terminal
Prod. No: MC010050

Holder / storage compartment
For placement next to the terminal.
Prod. No: MC010011
Change Notification
Package with five blocks with 50 pages each.
Prod. No: SU990010
Used When wrong in / out is registered or When The terminal is out of order.

RFID Tag, Red
EM4102 and compatible
Prod. No: SU990002

RFID Tag, Blue
Prod. No: SU990005

Combo Card
ISO card CR80
Prod. No: SU990013

Yo-yo RFID tag
Prod. No: SU990008

4G Modem
Mobile Internet for terminals. The equipment varies.
Prod. No: EA010011

Card Reader, Magtek 21040005
With single reading head. For payroll administrator.
Prod. No: EA020004

RFID Reader UR110U-TT1
EM 4102. For payroll administrator.
Prod. No: SU990100

RFID Reader UR220U-TT1
Mifare. For payroll administrator
Prod. No: SU990101

Bar code reader, Honeywell Hyperion
Prod. No: SU990102

POE spall
Transfer power and data signals via Ethernet cable.
Prod. No: PB010003

POE Injector
For locations without power or power over networks.
Prod. No: PB010002