The 'Hows' and 'Whys' of Running Time Terminal

TimeTerminal Develops and sells time & attendance terminals during the fire TimeSpot®. Our customers or partners are mostly system vendors who developmental proprietary softwarethat communicates With our terminals, thus one complete delivery package Their to end customers.

I, as head at TimeTerminal, have held similar positions in similar companies - Micronic handheld terminals 10 years and Altema TIME SYSTEM FOR 20 years. Other employees at TimeTerminal overpriced holding long experience with time and terminal time systems.

Before starting the company in the year 1999 the undersigned Identified the need for the business in The Following way: "Our experiences of 20 years in time systems show That time & attendance terminals were a profitable investment for customers. Both the staff and Their unions were positive. "Equal and fair" was a common, shared feeling. Although everyone cares for Their time, it Becomes more true and accurate When The business has a time & attendance system equipped with time terminals.

"Time system suppliers have stopped Developing Their Own Time terminals. Limited number of manufacturers have been doing this for a high cost. There is a clear lack of a firm with a focus on software development and engineering of time & attendance terminals ".

The conclusion of These challenges was the start of Time Terminal. Our first customer was Bravida Time, Which at that time had more than 50 percent of the Swedish time & attendance market.

The hardest decision During our 11 years, if we were to use touch technology as an alternative to keyboards. Tapping the screen was big news 1999 When We Designed TimeSpot 10. Suppliers guaranteed maximum three-year lifespan. In reality, we are now up to 14 years! Benefits to avoid keyboards Considered. - The Mechanics of the Tang essential towers, Causing repairs. For this to be the first in the industry time terminals with touch screen. After These 14 years, we have over 6 000 touchscreens into operation. Where the 4-600 from our first year beginning on 2000 century!

In March 2008 we changed our name from Display Adductor Group AB to TimeTerminal adductor Group. Samma organization as before. Although this was a tricky decision, but now our name is what we work with and our well-known for. A clear advantage, right?

Our value-added service given customers access to the help desk to 0700 from 2200, 7-days a week! If something happens, customers are able to reach us even at odd hours. Service appointment starts the day we receive the request. Customers receive support contracts with replacement units and time-bound Adega.

We sell to system vendors and have direct contact withtheir customers for service and software upgrades. Installation of time terminals definatley overpriced Conducted by our employees over 100 different localities across Sweden.

TimeTerminal exists to Realize our partners' requests for rationalists time registration and thus a high level of competitiveness in the market.
Exciting challenges ... Right?

We are overpriced active in raising awareness on the extremely short payback period on usage of time terminals over traditional methods. And the paradox; Staff and union are not talking about control-issues. Rather "equal and fair" is what we hear at each Interview with the end users, Which Can Be found in the document: Advantages of Time terminals and the importance of proper terminal location.

We are financially sound

We are one of the 2,5% Swedish companies thathave a financial rating of AAA.
Investments in product development Amounts to Approximately 20 million, where the costs are fully depreciated and are not-recognized Among assets in TimeTerminal Financial Statements.

His Hindersson MD, July 2014