RMA Service Order

For service requests regarding TimeSpot time terminals.

Download and fill in the RMA service order

PDF file must be saved on the computer before any information is filled in.

We acknowledge requests the same day we receive them. For fast delivery at returns (usually 5-10 days) send by DHL or Schenker. It is sent through the mail, it may take up to three weeks.

This is part of our support agreement.

  1. Software License Agreement.
  2. Repair of hardware. Labour and parts are included, such as CPU cards, power supplies, memory chips, etc.
  3. Software updated.
  4. Questions are answered weekdays 08.30 -16.30.
  5. An error or query notified begins within 4 hours from notification. In cases where the case is reported outside the regular office hours, the response time is calculated from 08.30.
  6. Recycling and disposal of old obsolete TimeSpot terminals. "Green Grip" guaranteed for all time terminals from TimeTerminal.

Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri: 08: 30-16: 30
Sat: Closed
Sun. closed

TimeTerminal has also closed all red calendar days.

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