The founder and former CEO of TimeTerminal have had a similar role in the predecessors - Micronic handhelds in 10 years and Altema Time System in 20 years.
Other employees in TimeTerminal also have the many experience of time terminals and time systems.

The hardest decision during our 11 years was if we would use pointing technology as an alternative to keyboard. Pointing to the display was a great news 1999
when we made TimeSpot 10. The advantages of losing keyboard considerations - The mechanism of the keys is worn and causes repairs. To this that
be the first in the industry time terminals with pointing function. After these 18 years we have over 6 000 terminals with touchscreens in operation.
We also help to inform you about the extremely short repayment time that the use of time terminals means.
And not least the paradox; Staff and trades do not speak of control. Instead, we hear "Equal and Fair" at every discussion with end users.