information board
Holder with quick instruction that placed above tidterminalen.
Prod. no. 1101

Holder / storage compartment
For placement at tidterminalen.
Prod. no. 1103.
change notifications
Package of five blocks à 50 pages.
Prod. no. 1102
Used when incorrect input / utstämpling or when the terminal has been disabled.

RFID Tag, Red
EM4102 and compatible
Prod. no. 1104

RFID Tag, blue
Prod. no. 1105

combi Card
Magnetic + RFID Combo-cards
Prod. no. 1106

magnetic cards
Prod. no. 1107

Jojo RFID Tag
Prod. no. 1108

Jojo with card holder
for magnetic or combination card.
Prod. no. 1109

Mobile Internet terminals. The equipment varies.
Prod. no. 1113

Magnetic Card Reader Magtek
With easy reading head.
Prod. no. 1127

Magnetic Card Reader Magtek
Dual read heads.
Prod. no. 1128

Magnetic Card Reader USB Magtek
With easy reading head. For payroll administrator.
Prod. no. 1115

EM 4102. For payroll administrator
Prod. no. 1117

RFID Readers MX5C-M2 USB
Mifare. For payroll administrator.
Prod. no. 1118

Compact RFID reader MF7
Prod. no. 1125

Compact RFID reader GP20N
Prod. no. 1126

Barcode scanner
Prod. no. 1119

RFID Readers Niscayah
Wiegand 26 piece
Prod. no. 1122

POE splitter
Transfer power and data signals via Ethernet cable.
Prod. no. 1123

POE injector
For sites without power or power supply via the network.
Prod. no. 1124