Investments in product development amount to approximately 20 million, where costs are directly booked as costs so they do not charge TimeTerminal results.

Quality. Our terminals are reliable and reliable. We also offer a comprehensive support agreement. As a customer with support agreement
You always have access to support and free repair of terminals. In most cases, we repair and send back terminals
to customer within three business days or shorter.

Function - Design - Reliability
We can look back on, prove with references above customer values ​​that we continuously care and improve.

Characteristics are:

  • Industrial-grade components provide long durability.
  • Software update over the network
  • Identification via RFID, barcode or magnetic card.
  • In case of interruption of communications, stamps are saved.

The TimeSpot® terminals should work smoothly with your dealer's software.

Characteristics are:

  • Readability from the side
  • Larger display than competitors since 1999
  • An appealing look

Each company has one or more characteristics you are extra proud of. In our case, it is quality and reliability. Our terminals are used in staff-critical programs
and systems. It is therefore important that they always work. To ensure this we have, among other things, a separate production and quality test of all terminals.

  • 2-300 terminals from 80 and 90 century, as we delivered from the predecessor to TimeTerminal, Altema Time system, still used. The same applies, of course they 6 000 delivered since 1999
  • Lifetime and quality are distinctive.
  • Destruction of terminals takes place in accordance with the rules set by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. We are members of the Electric Circuit and REPA.

IP 65 standards
We can deliver terminals that are IP65-rated. IP65 means that the terminals are protected against water, steam, dust, etc.

All software development is done by ourselves.

Test and delivery
All terminals are tested against the current supplier's time and communication program before delivery.
The terminals are packed and delivered in heavy-duty cardboard boxes and as a customer, only one power source and internet connection are required for the terminal to work.

Helpdesk, Support and Service
We have service responsibility 7 / 24. This means that as a customer you have the opportunity to report errors 24 hours a day via email. Measures of possible errors should begin within 5 hours. Terminals repairs to contract customers must be returned within 3 days from arrival. Customers have access to loan terminals if necessary.

We handle our subcontractors almost as well as our customers. We want them to update us regularly about news in their teeth. We have short delivery time and are looking for long-term collaborations.